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WordPress Organizing Plugins

Episode 2: Week of 8/02/2011

Welcome to Episode #2 of our podcast…
“Plugins Worth Plug’n In!”

This week we focus on plugins to help organize your WordPress site. If you have a ton of pages to keep track of or want a great way to display posts to your visitors… you’ll love this episode!

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Show Notes for: Episode 2: Week of 8/01/2011

Here’s  a brief summary of the organizing plugins covered:

  • CMS Tree Page View: Pros: Works great with both pages & posts. Allows Dashboard module views.  Cons: Doesn’t allow you to duplicate.
  • Organize Series: Pros: Love the image feature!  Cons: Doesn’t work if you want to “drip feed” a series post-by-pre-written-post. See Organize Series Publisher below for a fix.
  • Organize Series Publisher: Pros: Allows you to write an entire series of posts, then drip feed them to your readers.  Cons: You must have the Organize Series plugin to use this. It would be great if the two were combined.

Is there a single best plugin to help you organize?  Probably not.  🙂  Hopefully these suggestions will get you started!

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