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WordPress Caching Plugins

Episode 3: Week of 08/08/2011

Welcome to Episode #3 of our podcast…
“Plugins Worth Plug’n In!”

This week we focus on plugins to help speed up your WordPress site, in particular… Caching Plugins. If you haven’t installed a caching plugin, your WordPress site is running slower than it should be. Caching plugins come in all shapes and sizes and this week, we’ll review some of our favorites.

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Show Notes for: Episode 3: Week of 08/08/2011

Here’s  a brief summary of the organizing plugins covered:

  • W3 Total Cache: Pros: Extensive capabilities.  Compatible with CDN’s, Multisite and some forum plugins.  Cons: Can be a little complicated for a beginner.
  • WP File Cache: Pros: Lightweight, plays nicely with other plugins.  Cons: Not as quick as other caching plugins (because it isn’t designed to be).
  • WP Super Cache: Pros: A fully capable, incredibly popular caching plugin.  Customizable.  Cons: As with all extensive caching plugins, this may conflict with other plugins you have already installed.
  • WP Quick Cache: Pros: Extensive capabilities and fantastic user interface.  Cons: Could conflict with plugins you have currently installed.
  • Hyper Cache: Pros: Lightweight, designed for servers with low resources available. Cons: Not as efficient as more resource intensive caching plugins.
  • WP Widget Cache: Pros: Specializes in caching widgets only. Designed to work in tandem with plugins like WP Super Cache.  Cons: Lack of recent updates.


What is the best plugin to cache a WordPress site?  If you have the resources available, try Quick Cache, then Super Cache, then W3 Total Cache.  You’ll find your fit in that journey.

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