Why We Don’t use Facebook Comments

Why we don't use Facebook Comments on a Blog

The Facebook comments social plugin was a huge trend not too long ago.  We jumped on the bandwagon as well.  As with all tools, however, we should have been more selective in how we used them and where we used them.

First, we started noticing that many great blogs aren’t using them.  In fact, they never started.  Then we started noticing a few issues on our own site.  Finally, we removed Facebook comments from the blog.  Here are our reasons why…

5 Reasons to Remove Facebook Comments:

  • Comment Ownership.  When you use the Facebook Comments Social Plugin, all comments are owned by Facebook.  This means if they change their comments policy, they could take all those comments with them.  Leaving your site looking barren.
  • Comment Control.  It’s entirely possible Facebook updates their Comments Social Plugin and, in the process of installing it, you lose all comments.  Again, leaving you empty handed.
  • Notifications.  In theory, the Facebook Comments module is supposed to notify you when someone posts.  This doesn’t always happen.  Even when it does, it can get buried within your other Facebook notifications.  This means you have orphaned comments… all alone with no one to respond.  (Poor orphan comments!)  🙂
  • Links.   You want people to comment on your blog.  Part of the reason others comment, is to leave a link to their own site.  With Facebook in the way, it’s impossible to do that.  At best, they get a link to their Facebook profile when they really want visitors to their site.
  • Future Proofing.  What about Google+?  LinkedIn?  Both of these social networks are rapidly evolving and Facebook shouldn’t be the only game in town.

Does this mean we don’t use Facebook comments at all?  No.  We use them for squeeze pages and on pages where our free members can connect with each other.

Facebook comments are great social proof, and they do encourage interaction and promotion of your pages.  Each page should be enhanced by, not dependent on, Facebook Comments.

Remember, one day… for no reason at all… they may not be there at all.

We’re curious, has anyone else run into the same conclusion? What are your comments?

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  1. Lynette
    9 years ago

    Hi Chris! Reasons #1 and #2 are the main reasons why I have refrained from going 100% FB with comments. That said, it is so very tempting because it would *seem* that using FB only would cut down on spam or even bogus/pretentious comments.

    Another thing – sometimes having the comments in your database is super useful. For example, you can run 'most active commentor of the month' contests or award people with badges etc. to get interaction going.

    • Chris Mercer
      9 years ago

      Very true Lynette… new bloggers may not realize the importance of retaining the comments database… those are great ideas!

  2. Mick
    8 years ago

    You missed a key point and one that I think is most crucial. What about your readers who don't use Facebook or have deactivated?
    Since I deactivated 6 months ago I've noticed a lot of blogs that use this plugin without any fallbacks. Quite often I'd like to weigh in my comment but the only solution being to re-join Facebook. Something I really do not want to do.

    Don't lock your readers out by using a closed system.

    • Chris Mercer
      8 years ago

      Great point Mick! It\’s worth remembering that not everyone is on Facebook and those who provide the better options for engagement will get that engagement.

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