Why Should I Use WordPress?

Why Should I Use WordPress

Once you start using WordPress, you won’t be disappointed.  But if you are still wondering, “Why should I use WordPress?”, hopefully these 5 reasons will be enough to convince you to take a closer look.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress:

  • Quick & Easy.  From the beginning, WordPress was built with a single-minded purpose… to help people quickly and easily create websites.  WordPress is point and click simple.  Want to add a new page to your site?  Click “Add New.”  Want to add a picture to your latest blog post?  Click “Add an Image.”  Simple!
  • No Tech? No Problem!  WordPress doesn’t force you to learn how to code.  As long as you know how to turn on a computer… you can use WordPress.
  • You’re in control.  WordPress gives you complete control over just about every aspect of your website.  If you want a different look, you can change the “theme” of your site (this is also very easy to do).  You can edit, change and adjust almost anything you can imagine.
  • Future-proof.  There is nothing worse than taking the time to learn something, only to have it go away.  WordPress allows you to install “plugins” to expand its capabilities to include online stores, memberships sites, podcasting and so much more.  These capabilities are always evolving.  For example, the “next big thing” has been online webinars.  There are now plugins that help you host webinars!
  • The Price is Right.  Did we mention WordPress is free?  WordPress is the result of thousands and thousands of people who donate their time and energy so they can make WordPress even better.
There are, of course, many other reasons we could give you, but hopefully these 5 reasons have convinced you to learn more.  If you think it would be helpful, take advantage of our free WordPress training videos.  They’ll give you free in-depth training and a chance to see even more of what’s possible.

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  1. Caroline J
    8 years ago

    The reason I like WordPress is that it's an Open Source programme. This is important because amendements to the the software is driven by the users and not a corporate body and therefore added functionality can be quick.

    It's a great system.

    • Chris Mercer
      8 years ago

      I'm a HUGE fan of open source. As you know, it's incredible what's out there!

  2. Nancy Ragno
    8 years ago

    In your features, I think I'd also mention the great number and variety of themes you offer free (with previews). WordPress themes are so attractive, usable, and adaptable.

  3. Eden Rudin
    8 years ago

    You did a great job, those are exactly the points I try to make to people when talking about Word Press too!
    You did a better job making it short and sweet!! Thanks

  4. Laura Jacobson
    8 years ago

    Great Post Chris… I like that it's short, to the point, and informative. I so agree with you too. Since I've been using word press myself I absolutely love it and want to tell everyone about how easy and affordable it is! Thanks again Chris! You are always such a wealth of info.
    Laura Jacobson

    • Chris Mercer
      8 years ago

      I'm blushing Laura… but thanks! 🙂

  5. why wordpress
    8 years ago

    WordPress is the best if you are a noob. But if you are a noob you probably shouldnt create your own online business.
    eZ publish is in my opinion much more in debt and robust, and blows both joomla and wordpress out of the water.

    • Chris Mercer
      8 years ago

      Looks pretty interesting. Will be curious to see how it all works out in 5 years… I'm still a believer in WordPress as they've got such a great support system (but I'm a fan of any opensource project). Thanks for passing on the EzPublish info!

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