What’s coming in WordPress 3.3?

What to Expect in the WordPress 3.3 Update

WordPress 3.3 is nearing its final beta tests and is expected to be released later in November. What can you expect?

WordPress 3.3: What to Expect

  • Child Themes: We’ve long had child themes (our free membership offers a video that covers how to create them) but we’ve never really had a great place to share them with others. Beginning with 3.3, WordPress will allow developers a chance to put their child themes in the WordPress repository. This means you’ll be able to grab all sorts of great customizations AND look “under the hood” to see how they changed the original theme.
  • Admin Changes: The Admin bar is going to be minimized a bit (so it doesn’t take so much space) and the whole dashboard view will be going mobile friendly. Soon you’ll be able to comfortably update your site on a desktop, tablet or phone.
  • Media Uploads: The uploader itself is going through a few changes that is expected to make things a bit easier and also makes sure WordPress stays ahead of the curve by offering support for HTML5 (quickly becoming a new standard). There may be a view design changes as well as different ways to manage images. I’m looking forward to this one myself!
  • New Users: For WordPress newbies, 3.3 will offer “welcome screens” at startup and everytime a new feature is accessed for the first time. Sort of a built-in tutorial. This will help even more people as they start to learn WordPress.
  • Performance Improvements: Long awaited improvements to how Permalinks are handled are on the way! Long story short, if you use SEO friendly permalinks (so your URL’s have words instead of “?p=123”), WordPress slows down a little.  It’s not noticeable unless you scale to a large site, but it’s there. With the new improvements, your WordPress 3.3 site should not only load faster, but will rank higher in search rankings because of it!

As for what WordPress 3.3 actually has… we won’t know until the update is released. Suffice it to say, I’m already looking at recording videos when the update hits!  🙂

If you haven’t already, take advantage of our free WordPress training videos.  They’ll give you free in-depth training and a chance to see even more of what’s possible.

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