The Difference Between Pages and Posts

The Difference Between Pages & Posts

WordPress has pages and posts.  There is a subtle, but very important difference between the two.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t quite get the difference between WordPress pages and posts… it took me MONTHS to realize they were really two very different things! (True story.)

Once you grasp the difference, you’ll get better at helping the search engines to find your site!

Chances are, like, you have the “landing page” set to show the blog as the first page.  For a very long time I used to think that the blog was a long page containing all the posts I had ever written.  A super long string of posts that was listed from the most recent to the oldest.

That’s kind of true, but in reality the blog is more of an aggregator.  Even though you can read the posts on the main blog, you’re not looking at the “real deal.”  You’ll know this when you click on the post title then, lo and behold, you’re taken to the actual page containing the actual post.  This is important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes.  But we’ll tackle that topic in a later post.

Another big difference between pages and posts?  Posts are tagged, dated, categorized.  They are easily sorted and they are always updated (in a perfect world!).  Pages are static.  Once built, they tend to stay the same.

Every post is contained within a page, but not every page contains a post.  (How’s that for a Zen koan!)

You could create a page and then tell WordPress to always land on that page.  Internet marketers will use this to create squeeze pages with WordPress.  You could also create a WordPress site and not have a blog (no posts).  Instead just use WordPress to create pages about your business and then setup a menu to help the visitor navigate through.

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