SEO Tip: Rank Higher by Linking Your Google Profile [VIDEO]

Link Your Google Profile to WordPress and Improve Your Search Rankings

Did you know you could use your Google Profile to improve your own search engine rankings?

Generating great content is a solid start, but it’s not quite enough for great SEO (and great rankings)!

You need to let Google know that YOU are the Author… the creator of genuine content.  When you do this, Google looks at your content differently.  After all, if your content is top quality and is proven to be unique… why wouldn’t Google rank it higher?

In this video, we’ll show you how to connect the dots and link everything properly.

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(Watch SEO Tip: Rank Higher by Linking Your Google Profile on YouTube)

Here are the links featured in the video:

Link to place on your Author Page:
<a rel=”me” href=””>Google+</a>

Link to place on each of your Content Pages/Posts:
<a rel=”author” href=http://YOURAUTHORPAGEHERE >YOURLABELHERE</a>

Where to make sure everything is working:


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