Poll: Why do you want to learn WordPress?

Why do you want to learn WordPress [POLL]

This is our first official poll and we want to know…

Why do you want to learn WordPress? (Or, why DID you want to learn WordPress?)

We know WordPress is capable of so much, but what first made you decide to take the plunge?

Feel free to select as many answers that apply and add your own!

Results are updated immediately and shared with everyone who voted.

Be sure to check back to see the latest update and THANKS FOR VOTING!

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  1. Joshua Zamora
    9 years ago

    Great poll bud! Would love to see the final results! I think eventually once people understand the basics they can venture off into many things.

    • Chris Mercer
      9 years ago

      Agreed! I'm love how flexible WP is… thanks for take the poll!

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