How to Use Google Currents [VIDEO]

How to Use Google Currents and WordPress

Google recently announced Google Currents.  It’s a mobile app that YOU can use to create a mobile “edition” of your WordPress site.  It takes about 15 minutes to setup (assuming you have a running WordPress site of course).

Once created, you’ll find your mobile edition on the Google Currents app.   There are two ways this could go…

  1. No one used Google Currents.  So what?  It only took 15 minutes and you’ve had chance to tell Google even more about your site.  This is never a bad thing.
  2. Everyone starts using Google Currents.  Nice!  You’re one of the first people to take advantage of this new platform.
Oh… did I mention it allows you to collect emails as well?


(Watch How to Connect Google Currents to Your WordPress Site on YouTube)

Ready to get started?  Here’s the link to setup your own Google Currents Edition.

If you want just the app, you can get Google Currents here.

I’ll be glad to try to answer any questions… just leave them in the comments below!

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