How to Make $100 Online

How To Make $100 Online

Making money online is one of the most deviously simple tasks there is!  In this post, I’m going to cover a few different things you can do to make your first $100 online.

How to Make $100 Online

Learn WordPress.  This is a no-brainer!  You need to know how to build and maintain websites… at least the basics.  If you haven’t already, take advantage of our free WordPress training videos to learn how.

Your niche and keywords don’t matter.  You read that right.  You wouldn’t believe how many people I’ve talked to who have been “internet marketers” for years… and haven’t made a dime because they still haven’t figured out their niche yet.  If this is you (or, uh-hem, “someone you know”) then read this next sentence carefully.

When you are first starting out, choosing the correct niche isn’t necessary.  When you are first starting out, you need to practice TAKING ACTION.  This brings me to the next point…

You’re going to fail.  Get over it.  Sounds like fun, right?!?  🙂  Here’s the basic pattern successful Internet Marketers follow:  Practice, Fail, Practice, Fail a little less, Practice, Fail even less, Practice, Get it Right… then they look toward a new level or skill and the who cycle starts over.  Your mission, dear Newbie, is to jump in with both feet and fail your heart out!  The faster you start the “action, fail, learn, action again” cycle, the better you’ll do.

If you only take the advice of the paragraphs above, you’ll be fine.  BUT if you want some more concrete direction…

Ideas for Monetizing WordPress

  • You could create a membership site (like this one).
  • You could blog about your passions, sell ads on the site targeted to your audience.
  • You could build a review site that reviews products and has affiliate links.
  • You could build an online store and team up with a company that drop-ships the products (no inventory!)
  • You could create your own products and sell them online (digital downloads or even physical products if you’d like).
  • You could build your site, collect email “subscribers” and marketing to them through a monthly newsletter.
  • If you are doing a newsletter you could sell adspace on it, even sprinkle it with a few affiliate links.
  • Why not try a video blog and tie in your YouTube channel?  You could make money doing both.

In summary, it’s not hard to make that first $100.  It’s hard to keep taking the action and slogging you way through the inevitable failure that will result.  Stick with it though… you’ll get there.

I actually chose the health & fitness niche when I started out.  I bought articles to post on the blog… even started collecting a few emails on my opt-in form!  Then I realized I really have no passion for health and fitness.  (I’d rather eat cheesecake.)

If I hadn’t of tried that though, I wouldn’t have failed.  I wouldn’t have learned from that failure and I wouldn’t be writing this post and I wouldn’t have made my first $100 online.

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