How To Get More Traffic to a WordPress Site

How to Get More Traffic to a WordPress Site

Assuming your WordPress site is public, you need visitors… that is, traffic for your website.  Fortunately, WordPress makes this fairly simple.  If you’ve been wondering how to get more traffic to a WordPress site, here are 7 ways to get you started…

7 Ways to Get More Traffic to a WordPress Site

  • To Get… First Give.  If you want traffic, give it to someone else first.  That means linking to other complimentary sites and interacting with those sites yourself.  In most cases, when you link to another site, they’re notified with a “pingback”.  You never know who may visit your blog from these pingbacks.  They may even link back to your site so their visitors can find your quality content.
  • Meet & Greet.  When you are visiting other blogs, leave comments.  Correction… leave WORTHY comments.  Comments like “great post” don’t leave the best of impressions unless they are followed by something that genuinely adds to the conversation.  When you leave a comment, you’ll be asked to provide your website address (URL).  In some cases, that’s an instant backlink to your site (TA DA!).  Even if the search engines don’t follow that link, there is a good chance that the visitors on that particular blog will… especially if you left a comment worth reading.  Want a plugin that helps with this?  (You’ll find it in the +Tip below.)
  • “Extra! Extra! Read all about it…”  When you write your post, make sure you have a decent headline.  You don’t have to over-complicate this.  Take a look at the headline for this post, “How to Get More Traffic to a WordPress Site.”  It’s not hard to guess what the post is about and it’s got a few choice keywords in it as well.  If someone is looking for ways to generate traffic and reads that headline during a search query, the chances are it’ll interest them.
  • Repeat Business.  It’s all about the content.  Generating traffic is great, but if your visitor lands on your page and it doesn’t provide quality content, you probably won’t see them again.  Make sure you are providing content that is useful and unique to your readers, or you’ll be spending your traffic building skills to replace readers and never grow.
  • Broadcast Towers.  How many ways can a visitor find an update about your WordPress site?  Do you have an email list?  An RSS feed?  A Facebook Fanpage?  Twitter?   Do you have a way to automate all these updates?  (Check out the +Tip below for a super-simple way to automate everything.)
  • Recycle.  Even great posts can be victims of poor timing.  Go back and use your broadcast towers to remind people about the content you published weeks or even months ago.  Your rabid fans won’t mind the reminder and it’s a great way to get fresh traffic.  You can start the update with “In case you missed it…” if you want to let loyal readers know it’s older content.
  • Become a Steady Eddie (or Edith).  Consistency prevails.  If you post once every few days, keep that going.  If you are currently publishing updates once a week, keep that pattern.  Your readers expect consistency and if you want new traffic to become repeat traffic… keep your end of the bargain.  Did you know there is a plugin that will help with this too?  (You’ll find it in the +Tip below.)

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When you +1, you let Google know this content is worth visiting.  As our way of saying thanks, after you +1 this post, you’ll reveal a secret section.  We call it our “+Tip.”  The +Tip for this post contains links to a couple of plugins you should be using and a super-simple method to automate your notifications across all your Broadcast Towers.

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Here are 2 plugins you should check out:

  • Comment Luv:  This plugin can help generate traffic with every comment!  It’s used by a lot of blogs and can give you an instant source of traffic.
  • Editorial Calendar:  Don’t let the boring name fool you!  This plugin is, by far, the EASIEST way to manage and plan your posts.
    • Hint: If you aren’t sure how many posts a week you can commit to, keep it simple by committing to at least one a week.  If you have a sudden burst of creativity and write 7 posts in a day, you can always setup WordPress to publish them in the future (this plugin makes it incredibly simple to schedule and reschedule posts).  Once you are far enough ahead, you can always increase to twice a week updates, etc.
How to Automate Your Broadcast Towers:
  1. Setup an account at and connect it with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social network you can be a part of.
  2. Create a free HootSuite account and connect that to your blogs’ RSS Feed and your newly created account.
  3. That’s it!  Now, every time you create a post, your RSS feed will send it to HootSuite and HootSuite will send it to will then send to your Broadcast Towers (Facebook, Twitter, Etc.) and all you had to do was hit “Publish!”


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