How to Beat Writer’s Block

How to Beat Writer's Block

It’s bound to happen.  You get your WordPress site up and running… Even kick out a few blog posts.  Then…


Writer’s block.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive guide to inspiration.  However, every writer will have a source.  If you can find your inspiration, you can definitely get a handle on your writer’s block and generate some great writing for your blog. Hopefully, the following steps will get you started…

How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

  • Use Google.  The best/worst part about the internet is that there is so MUCH OF IT!  🙂  If you’re having challenges coming up with something to write, do a quick Google search on the main topic of your blog.  See what other sites are saying. You could even add the word “blog” to your search to help narrow the results (as in searching for “downtown Austin blog”).
  • Look Around You.  Look for inspiration on other websites.  A quick gander at how others write on the same topic can give you a better idea of where and how to get started.  You may even find they give you that creative spark you’ve been searching for!
  • Specialize.  Do you have specialized knowledge that you can share?  If not, it’s time to learn… then teach… by writing a series of blog posts!
  • Branch Out.  If you’re writing on a narrow topic of interest, you are bound to run out of ideas at some point. The only way to sustain your inspiration is to open yourself to new topics.  Keep your focus though.  If you are writing about Rodeos for example, try writing about Rodeo equipment, or what to bring when you travel to a Rodeo.

No matter how you end up getting stuck.  You can handle writer’s block with ease as long as you keep these tips nearby! BTW…  If you need more help getting your WordPress blog off the ground, take a look at our WordPress Training Videos.  Have you faced writer’s block before?  What tips do you have?

I’ll be glad to answer any questions… (please leave them in the comments below)

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