How to Automatically Backup Your WordPress Site

How to Automatically Backup WordPress

You’ll read this time and time again.  You MUST regularly backup your WordPress site.

But how?  And what if you forget to backup?  Easy answers to both questions… here’s how to automatically backup your WordPress site.

Can You Backup WordPress for Free?

The simple answer is “Yes you can.”

We’re about to give you a plugin you can use that will automatically backup your site, and then allow you to download the file so you can store it on your computer.  It’s a good system, but it doesn’t work unless you remember to backup your site.  

The Missing Piece to Automatic WordPress Backups

You want worry-free backups?  Get an Amazon S3 account.  Amazon S3 is cloud-based storage (a fancy way of saying everything is stored online).  Once you create your account you can store anything you want there.  It acts just like a regular hard drive, except that you can access the data from anywhere there is internet access.

The best part?  It’s incredibly cheap.  When we first started using Amazon S3 it cost us under $1 a month.

Now we store all our free WordPress Training Videos on Amazon S3 and it still only costs us about $5 bucks a month.  It’s an incredible value.

We Use This WordPress Plugin

There is an easy to use plugin, called PressBackup.  PressBackup is easy to set up and connects with your Amazon S3 account in just a couple of minutes.  Don’t have an Amazon S3 account?  Simply sign up for their “Pro” option and they’ll do EVERYTHING for you.

As we’ve already mentioned, we have an S3 account already… so PressBackup cost us nothing.  Now it backs up our site 1x a day and puts those files on our S3 account automatically.

PressBackup works behind the scenes and without any other setup on our end.  It’s a great alternative to other, more expensive WordPress backup services.

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