What’s better? Free vs. Paid Themes

What's Better? Paid Themes vs. Free Themes

This is the age-old debate!  Should you spend a few bucks and pay for a premium (paid) theme, or should you scrounge around looking for something free.

What’s better for your WordPress site?

The answer is…


Yeah, it sounds like a political way out of the argument, but let us state the case.

Our journey with WordPress started because there was so much free to be had!

We started our very first site on WordPress.com.  We didn’t have to pay for hosting and everything else (including over 100 themes and tons of plugins) were free. How could we go wrong?!?  🙂

Soon, we started to realize how much free was costing us.  We were limited by what we could do on WordPress.com and found hosting (we started with Bluehost) was a better alternative.  Not to mention is wasn’t as expensive as we had thought.

Then came the themes… we installed plenty of free ones.  They were great.  But… well… lacking in some way.  They didn’t offer the bells and whistles we wanted.  Still… we dug in!  We started customizing what we could.

If we wanted a squeeze page with a video, we’d wrestle with the free theme (sometimes for weeks) trying to get it to conform.  Then we would decide we wanted a page with a different look (like an ebook cover) and we were right back at the drawing board… trying to figure it out (again).

Eventually, we took a look at Premium (paid) themes.  Most are less than $100 bucks (for the really high-end ones).

The point of this post can be summarized here:

“The right theme will save you hundreds of hours.  These extra hours can then be invested in generating content and traffic.  Content and traffic build your site.”

Our advice?  Follow our example.

If you are new… stick with free themes.  There are some really top-notch ones out there.  In fact, here are 30 Free WordPress Gallery Themes you can check out later.

The free themes will teach you what you want in a theme.  They’ll give you ideas.

Only when you KNOW what you want a theme to do… do you INVEST in a paid theme.  If you want variety, purchase a package of themes (you can find some really good ones for less than $50).

For those who are curious, we use OptimizePress to run this site.  This ONE theme builds our  blog posts, membership pages (with video), squeeze pages (with video) and even our Facebook fanpages (with the right plugin!).  It’s truly amazing.

Full disclosure, if you do decide to purchase OptimizePress through any of our links we’ll receive compensation.  The same hold true if you order Bluehost hosting.  Check them out, at least they’ll give you some options.  If you do decide to purchase, know that you are helping to support this site as well.

Were we able to help you decide if it’s better to use a Free or Paid theme for your WordPress site?  Any questions we could answer for you?  Let us know and please help us spread the word with a like, comment and share!

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