Changing a WordPress Header

Changing a WordPress Header

WordPress has appeal because it can be customized.  One of the easiest ways to set your site apart from the others, is to change your header graphic.  Here’s how…

First, if you aren’t aware, a header is the image that shows at the top of most WordPress pages.  Some themes allow you to have only one header and others allow you to have different headers for each page of your website.

You can get a header designed by visiting sites like  Or you can design them yourself using PowerPoint, Keynote or some other graphics software.

The first step, will be to know what size header you’ll need.  Many themes will tell you what size header to use.  If you can’t find that however, you could always view the header you are trying to change (using your web browser) and “right click” on it.  You should see an option that says “inspect element” (or something similar).  Once you click on that option, it will bring up another window showing you, among other things, the height and width of your current header.

3 Design Tips for a WordPress Header:

  • Purpose – Does your header have a clear purpose?  Is it supposed to display your website name?  Maybe it’s supposed to draw the visitor’s attention to another part of your site?
  • Simplicity – Look at your header for 1 second.  Then think about what your remember.  Is that what the message you want in a visitors head?  If not, change it.
  • Readability – Step back 6 feet from your screen.  Is your header easy to read?  Does it still “work” for what you’re trying to accomplish?

Once you have your header designed and properly sized, you’ll have a couple of options.

Most headers allow you to simply upload a new header from within your Dashboard.  This is the easiest option by far.  Just customize your theme, you should find the settings there.

You could also upload via cPanel or FTP.  Just look for the header image in your current theme.  You’ll find the directory for your theme located in wp-content, then the “themes” folder.  Once you select your themes’ directory, you should see another folder called images.  Every theme is a little different, so your header image may be located in a different area.

If you need help with customizing your theme or learning cPanel/FTP, our free WordPress training videos that will show you how.

You can also check out a nifty little plugin call WP Unique Article Header Image.  It allows you to show a different header on each page, even if your current theme doesn’t.  Talk about giving your visitor a custom look!

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