Is it better to use 2 Columns or 3 Columns?

Is it better to use 2 or 3 columns?

When a visitor comes across your WordPress website, you want them to have several places to engage your content.  The more unique options you show them, the more opportunities you’ll create and the better potential connection you’ll have with your visitor.

Sometimes, as with a magazine style theme, a blog can show many different thumbnail-sized previews.  Personally, in most cases this won’t be your best option and can often look cluttered.  Instead, opt for either a 2 or 3 column WordPress layout.

Any theme offering 2 or 3 columns, will normally have a header  across the top of the page, and beneath that you’ll need to decide if you prefer a wide column with a thinner second column, or a wide middle column with two thinner columns on either side.

How to tell which layout is better for you…

If you are focusing your blog or website on content, then having 2 columns may be your best option.  The main content will be featured prominently and the remaining sidebar can be used for ads, calendars, images or other widgets.

Widgets are stacked vertically on the sidebar. The more widgets you add, the longer your sidebar becomes.  If you add too many, you’ll make your visitor have to scroll “below the fold” to see them all.  This is where have a 3 column layout comes in handy.

Having 3 columns allows you another sidebar.  You can place your widgets there.  Keeping widgets “above the fold” makes it much easier for your visitor to click on them.

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